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creating intimate atmospheres 

through live music

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General Events 

Anything from cover shows, to private backyard concerts, this is the catch all custom performance for whatever you have in mind!


Guitar Lessons

If you are getting started playing guitar, I offer a hands on beginners course catered to your personal goals with the instrument and your musical taste



I work with couples to create the perfectly curated songs for their wedding, from the ceremony to the sendoff, depending on what you need to create the perfect day


A little More



             my name is Jacob Utter, I am a musician and songwriter in Fort Worth Texas     and I have a little family consisting of me, my        wife Liz, and our boy Bennett. I am                           passionate about coffee (though that's a               cliché) as well as music, and I am a big                 believer in positivity and the power of                  music to change lives! If you have any               questions or just want to chat, feel free to give me a call or I am always down to grab a coffee!


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